Imancipation Sisters Umrah Series: A Journey of a Lifetime | Part 5

Previously we shared some sisters-specific practical packing tips for Umrah….Now you can think of every item under the sun, and perhaps be as physically prepared as possible, but none of it matters unless you’re spiritually and mentally prepared.

The amount of mental preparation one can do before Umrah is endless…but here are a few thoughts to get you started!

Intention, intention, intention. As we all know, this is integral to every single act you preform as a Muslim. As part of your preparation before, during, and after Umrah it is absolutely essential that you remember that you are doing this purely for the sake of Allah (swt) and no worldly gain except to become a more practicing believer. If you continuously keep your intention in check, this will allow you to mentally and physically handle anything that comes your way. This will also protect you from engaging in acts during Umrah that are not in line with the Quran and Sunnah.

Patience my friend. This advice is not given as a “general patience reminder”, rather it is near the top of the list because you will MOST definitely need it. Remember, even though Umrah can be one of the most impactful trips you can ever go on, it is most certainly NOT a vacation. There will be hardships, no doubt. It is up to you whether you will define your trip based on the challenges and unexpected inconveniences, or whether you will let the amazing, life changing moments define your experience.

See the following tips that will help you to stay patient! [Taken from The Ultimate Guide to Umrah by Abu Muneer Ismail Davids].


  1. Maintain a positive attitude
  2. Say Alhamdullillah for everything, be it good or bad
  3. To think of those who are possibly in a worse situation, when your situation is not to your liking
  4. Make Dhikr [remembrance of Allah (swt)] and make Istighfaar [seek Allah’s pleasure and forgiveness] when you get impatient with people or situations
  5. To ‘cope’ with crowds


Dear brothers and sisters, you may encounter a situation where your pre-booked accommodations somehow fall through, you may feel frustrated at not being able to communicate, you might get sick and tired of other individuals “pushing” you along in the crowds, or individuals not sharing the Masjid space in a generous manner. One of the best ways to prepare for this is to expect it, think about how you will respond, and to keep your composure and sincere intentions in these moments.

Remember, going for Umrah is an act if Ibadah (worship), and if you make it all about that and view everything else as “the small stuff”, then you will have the most inspirational, spiritually uplifting, and transformative experience visiting the House of Allah (swt) and partaking in this journey of a lifetime.

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