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The Guarantee for Success – Ikhlaas

There is one quality that we can have that guarantees us success in this life and the hereafter. One quality that if we have it, people can feel it— it exudes from our very being. The trick is, we don’t necessarily know that we have it. A feature of embodying this is that we always question if it’s there. It’s not tangible, it’s something that can only be seen by Allah (swt), but the effects of it reverberate in our every day lives. No one on earth can peel back our skin and see this quality lining our bones, but they can sense the noor that erupts from you if you are blessed enough to carry it. If you have it, you always work at it, try to improve upon it, try to increase it within yourself, because it’s incredibly valuable and can be fleeting if we don’t hold onto it with both hands.

This quality is ikhlaas, sincerity.

Ikhlaas makes the impossible, possible.

Allah (swt) blesses those who have true ikhlaas, He gives them countless opportunities and avenues towards khayr and contentment— ways out of situations that one may never imagine. Sincerity and devotion to Allah (swt) led to the parting of an entire sea, it is something for which Allah (swt) rewards immensely. Ikhlaas is something that can lead you to getting reward for something that you may never have actually carried out yourself, but strongly and sincerely intended. When your heart and your mind are sincere in your quest to live life for the sake of Allah (swt), then your every action is a way to please Allah (swt). You may not be able to do all the acts that you intend, but sincerity is the quality, the midas touch that can push your undone deeds into weighty parcels of salvation on the scale of yaum al qiyama.

Take a moment to turn your gaze inwards, make dua for Allah (swt) to bless you with true and untainted sincerity, so that you may benefit from the mercies Allah (swt) showers upon the mukhliseen.

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