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How can I gain peace?

It is reported that Bakr b. ʿAbdillāh Al-Muzanī – Allāh have mercy on him – said:
If you want your ṣalāh to benefit you, say (to yourself): perhaps I will never pray another (my life will end before the next prayer).
[Ibn Abī Al-Dunyā, Qaṣr Al-ʾAmal article 104.]
Research defines the instinctive drowning response as a series of behaviours your body will take on automatically when you are close to drowning. To the untrained eye, these behaviours are mostly silent when occurring, even though the person is in acute distress.
When we’re mentally drowning, we have certain instinctive behaviours that signal our level of distress. Similarly to drowning, the untrained eye of those around us may not recognize that we are struggling. The soul yearns for understanding and contentment, and the Creator of our hearts is the only One that can truly give that to us. Make your emotional instinctive drowning response include reaching out to Allah (swt) through patience and prayer. Allah (swt) will never forsake the believer that prays, no matter who you are.
Salah is the strength of our soul so no matter who you are or what you’ve done, don’t deprive your soul of the opportunity to make sujood and place your heart in the hands of our Lord.
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