In All its Glory We Stand…

I saw a newborn baby breathing for life

Breathing for air

When I watched as the doctors were saving his innocence

I felt a salty tear drop down my cheek and fall onto my lap

I felt a shudder in my bones and an earthquake in my heart

And the universe continues to expand.

In all its glory we stand.


As I walked around at the mall

I noticed that people were copies of other people

No one really stood out to me

Everyone was running to something or someone

But not doing it for the sake of that something or someone

Because there’s no love

And the universe continues to shrink

In all its glory we stand.


If you saw the things I saw

Through the lens that God created for us to see through

I saw 3 million people stretch to reach a mountain

To make a call

A free call

No dimes involved

The wrinkles and the youth

The hands raised up and the watery eyes

The sincere closed eyes with faces looking up


Nowhere else but up

Written By:

Sr. Saraa

One Comment

  1. An excellent poem that provokes the reader to think deeply and thoughtfully! Jazakum Allah Khayr! May Allah subhana wa ta’ala reward you all for your efforts..Ameen!

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