Edmonton Activities

NYM has been incredibly active in Edmonton over the last few months with a number of events. It all started in December as part of the Masjid Evening Program in which NYM organizes lectures in collaboration with the different mosques to address issues facing our communities.

The first lecture titled ‘Higher Thinking’ was done in collaboration with Masjid Rahma and explored the reason manners and character taught by Islam led to the creation of the most advanced civilization in the world.

In January, not only were we able to organize an incredibly successful United Islam Awareness week (UIAW), in which five different MSA’s across Western Canada were joined together to present their biggest event of the year. We were able to cap off the amazing week with Generation Muslim 3.0 in Edmonton.

This year’s conference was incredibly special as for the first time in Edmonton it was over two days, with one day dedicated to exclusive workshops and the second was a full day conference. Generation Muslim challenged the audiences intellect with engaging topics and discussions tackling real issues faced by Muslim Canadians in the current time.

In early March, we had our second Masjid Evening Program at Markaz-ul-Islam where we were able to introduce our new series ‘Muslim Minds’. Muslim Minds is a lecture series focused on helping our communities gain perspective and a path to empowerment through these challenging times were facing. The lectures challenge attendees to ask themselves “Why are they Muslim?” and “How strong are your reasons?” with the goal of strengthening the Muslim mindset.


NYM is planning a number of things for the future in Edmonton, so please be on the lookout by checking our Facebook page and website In late April, NYM is planning to host marriage workshops followed by another evening program in May at MCE Mosque continuing with our Muslim Minds series.

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