Dua is communication

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A Small Reminder


The most successful component of any relationship is communication. In dua, we are communicating with Allah (swt).

Allah (swt) is the One that started the conversation, He commanded that you should pray and leave this dunya that envelops you and consumes you and stand in front of him. Every single time you pray, Allah (swt) is speaking to you, teaching you, guiding you.

If you are in a conversation with someone, how rude is it if you don’t respond? There is no adab present and most likely, you’re not paying attention if you’re not responding. That is why dua is so important and considered worship. When you don’t make dua, how insulting is this?

Dua is when it is time for you to speak to Allah in your words and the words taught to us from the sunnah to praise Allah (swt) and ask of Him. You are speaking your heart- this is how a strong, dynamic relationship is built.

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