Comfort or the Deen

Nowadays, people invest a lot in the stability of individuals. For instance, we want our children to have a good education so they have good jobs and are economically stable. In the time of the Prophet (saw), individuals weren’t necessarily economically stable, but since they were all contributing, it led to the group as a whole becoming economically stable. They exchanged their personal comfort for the deen.

During the time of the Prophet (saws), Abu Ubaidah was sent to collect jizya. When he returned, many of the ansar got news that he has returned with this money. They joined the Prophet (saws) during fajr salah. They were blocking him trying to see what was going to happen with the money, etc.

The Prophet (saws) smiled and said “I think you have heard of the news of Abu Ubaidah who has returned with something from Bahrain.”

They said yes.

He said, “Rejoice and hope for that which will please you. By Allah, it is not poverty that I fear for you, but I fear that this world will be opened up with its wealth for you as it was opened to those before you; and you vie with one another over it as they did and eventually it will ruin you as it ruined them.”

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