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Camp Sunnah – The Real Deal

You may have heard about Camp Sunnah before, or this might be your first time. For all those who have been before, when asked to describe the experience of Camp Sunnah, we often find ourselves grasping for words that fully encapsulate what Camp Sunnah is actually like. And I think it’s difficult to describe because..we can tell you about the absolutely amazing and insightful lectures that you attend taught by the Camp Sunnah teachers, we can tell you about the unique physical activities like horseback riding archery boating and hiking, we can tell you about the bonds and the relationships that you build with sisters who start out as strangers, and it goes on….because let’s face it, we do a LOT at Camp Sunnah.

But what we struggle to share with those who haven’t attended before is: how it made us FEEL. Camp Sunnah is one of those things where you walk in with so much of life’s baggage: your addiction to the dunya and wordly affairs, your personal challenges and struggles, your battle with your own Iman and the areas you’re lacking in your practice as a Muslimah, your biases and fears but also your hopes of coming out better. Your hopes of coming out changed.

Camp Sunnah is honestly one of those rare experiences where you are part of so many uplifting moments where you feel your heart is finally full, and everything clicks in your mind once again—the purpose of your life becomes crystal clear once again and you want to be such a better version of yourself, you are so full of genuine hope and the desire to improve the parts of you that you struggle with the most. There’s a renewed energy to use your life, your skills, and your abilities to positively impact the community around you. And best of all, you walk away with a renewed commitment to Allah (swt), your beliefs, and your practice as a Muslim.

Everything you do at Camp Sunnah and everything you learn provides the perfect environment to get to the core of it all-how you feel. It’s a rare feeling that doesn’t always happen in the world we live in today, but it happens. You feel fulfilled.

Camp Sunnah-The Real Deal

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