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Ikhlaas comes from a root word that means to be purified or refined, is something that is fundamental to our deen. Ikhlaas, meaning sincerity, is to do everything, internally and externally, purely for seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT).

Allah (SWT) says in Surat Az-Zumar, verse 2, “Indeed, We have sent down to you the Book, [O Muhammad], in truth. So worship Allah, [being] sincere to Him in religion.” Allah (SWT) has told us to be sincere to Him in our actions. But how is it that one attains sincerity?

Ibn Al-Qayyim (RA) says that “sincerity cannot coexist in a heart that contains the love of praise and commendation and the yearning to possess that which is owned by the people save in the manner that fire and water or a lizard and fish may coexist.”

SubhanAllah, the comparisons made here are so explicit. Just as fire and water cannot coexist, neither can sincerity and the love of praise and recognition. He goes on to say that “when your slaughtering of your yearning and the renunciation of praise and commendation becomes firm, then attaining sincerity will become easy for you.” So by giving up our desire for recognition and praise, we make it easier for ourselves to be sincere in our actions. Ibn Al-Qayyim (ra) also beautifully states that we should “instead desire the praise of the One whose commendation contains perfect beauty and the One whose censure contains total disgrace.”

How can we use Camp Sunnah to improve on our sincerity?

Our focus is placed on intention – niyyah. This is because the Prophet (SAW) has said that “Verily, deeds are only with intentions. Indeed, every person will get rewarded only for what they intended.” [Bukhari]. Intentions are key to one’s sincerity. Each and every day at Camp Sunnah, we are reminded to renew our intentions for Allah’s sake, and be aware of when we start to do things for the appraisal of people so that we can catch ourselves, directing us back to seeking the pleasure of Allah (SWT). When you are away from the desires of the dunya, focused on discipline instead, you begin a process of purifying your intention.

See – At Camp Sunnah – you have the unique – in fact, unheard of – opportunity to focus and be disciplined with yourself – rectifying and purifying your intentions and soul. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of that?

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