Ben Keita

We are left speechless and heartbroken.

Late November, a young man, 18 year old Ben Keita, a Black Muslim man, was reported missing by his family. Last January, his body was found hanged in a wooded area in Seattle. The circumstances surrounding his death remain unclear.

May Allah SWT grant him Jannah and give his family sabr through this difficult time.

This is not the first nor last time we will hear about suicide or murder or death. But, in these times, any times of difficulty that is, it is important that we have sabr. From Allah SWT we came from and to Him we must return to. We are built of sand millions of little particles because this is what Allah SWT chose for us. He gave us everything and he gives us when we ask, when we make dua. The most merciful, the most beneficial. Allah will grant you sabr when you think that you can’t go further. You will face trials you never thought you would and you will think that there is no way out, that you can’t handle it. Allah SWT knows you best and he would never place a trial on you that He knows you cannot handle. The overall point of this, is that birth, struggle, and death are s things we cannot avoid but we can pray for sabr and we can pray for our akhira. Our Ummah lost someone, we lose people everyday. Sabr and blessing from our Creator are the things that will help us move forward. So, make dua. Pray for yourself and your family and your akhira. Pray for sabr because Allah SWT knows what we can get through and what we cannot.

Although it is currently unclear exactly what happened, it is essential that as individuals and as members of our ummah, we do not ignore the fact that this heinous form of oppression and torture specifically targeting Black individuals may have been perpetuated against our fellow Muslim brother. Allah SWT knows best what occurred, but what we know is that this tragic death serves to remind us that we must do more to regularly support our fellow brothers and sisters AND that we must not turn a blind eye to the injustice occurring in our immediate surroundings and around the world. Along with carrying ourselves with patience and integrity in times of calamity, we must also be informed citizens who stand up for justice in beneficial and effective ways.

May Allah SWT shine light in Ben Keita’s grave. May He give his family sabr and peace. May He provide him and his family with nothing but Jannah.


CREDIT: Getty Images
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