We should have a strong belief that through our adherence to Islam, we can improve and make the world a better place. We need to believe that we can change the situation of our families and communities, that we can improve the situation of the ummah. The people that lose this belief of being better become a statistic of those expected to fail. The bell curve is shattered when the concept of belief in improvement is taught, the idea that you may not be there yet, but you will get there eventually.

If we lose the critical belief that yes, we can be better and improve, then we start losing everything. This is when we start compromising in our deen: “I can’t do this, I can’t do that,” turns into “I can’t do anything.” This gives way to negative thoughts such as “I’m never going to be able to establish a proper Islamic lifestyle with my family.” If you let these thoughts rule you, then you’ve turned into a statistic.

We see strong positive belief in the Prophet (saws), through instances we take from the seerah. When the Prophet (saws) went to give dawah in at-Ta’if and look for a safe haven for the Muslims, they belittled him and physically abused him. He escaped with his life, and Allah (swt) sent the angel to him to crush these people in between the mountains. However, the Prophet (saws) had strong belief that they could improve, that people from their progeny could worship Allah (swt).

He experienced a lot of loss in his lifetime, of family and friends very close to him, but he never lost the hope that things could get better, that people could improve, that their goals could be reached.

This is why we need to shift our thinking to this: “I’m not there yet, but it can happen.”

Take this belief with you everywhere in life. You should keep this idea with you until the end of your days- “No matter what happens, no matter how old I get, I can improve. It hasn’t happened yet, but inshaAllah it will.”

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