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As We Return

Some Thoughts on Post Covid Life for Muslims

As we return…Let’s never take it for granted again.

For many of us in our provinces, things are starting to return to “normal” after Covid. Many of the restrictions in our community are being relaxed or lifted, which means personal gatherings and community gatherings can begin. It also means that religious gatherings can resume.

Let’s never miss a chance to see our fellow brothers and sisters face to face.

Let’s seek opportunities to visit our family, friends, and fellow community members. Let’s give gifts and drink tea, and exchange good words.

Let’s never again miss out on the reward of visiting someone who is ill.

Let’s never miss a chance to pray in congregation at the Masjid.

Never again should we wait for the Imam to remind us several times to stand shoulder to shoulder, feet to feet.

Let’s never be stingy with our greetings to our fellow brother and sisters, let’s spread the Salaam and be generous with our smiles.

Let’s feel joy at the young children playing and laughing at the Masjid, instead of feeling annoyance, for they can finally return to the house of Allah (swt).

Let’s rejoice and take advantage of opportunities for our children to be in the company of fellow Muslims, and actively seek Islamic environments.

Let’s never swat away a flyer for an Islamic event.

When we receive an invite for a Halaqa, Islamic gathering, or Islamic conference—Let’s jump at the chance to reap the benefits of the company of our fellow Muslims and the chance to obtain knowledge. Let’s never again say “Oh…there’s so many events happening. I could just watch a lecture online instead.”

This past year was isolating for so many Muslims in our community. The times were difficult in so many ways and our lives were altered in ways that previously were unimaginable. But as we return…let’s create a new normal. Let’s revive our Sunnah, let’s reaffirm the beautiful practices from our Deen. Let’s hold firmly to the rope of Allah (swt) and work together to strengthen our communities in ways we have lacked before.

As we return…. Let’s never take it for granted again.

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