Alhumdulillah for Faith

The Alhumdulillah Series

 | Alhumdulillah for Faith | 🤲

A blessing that we often take for granted is the iman that burns in our hearts. We take for granted the love that we have in our hearts for Allah SWT and all that He has decreed.

That love, while it is within us, is a guidance and blessing from Allah SWT. We should not let a day go by that we don’t say alhumdulillah for that guidance.

It is stated in the Qu’ran, “And He found you lost and guided [you]” [93:7].

Therefore, we should be grateful that Allah SWT chose to guide us. However, just saying “alhumdulillah” is not enough, we should express our gratitude through our actions and have this sense of ownership. We have a responsibility to nurture and continue to develop our iman, which is a beautiful blessing from Allah SWT.

No matter what we do, humans cannot guide the soul to Islam. True hidayah (guidance) only comes from the Lord and we should be forever grateful that Allah SWT chose us as believers. More importantly, we should always remember that even if you were to lose everything in this dunya, but still have your iman, then you have everything you need. Our iman is the most important and the only thing we truly need in this life. Use this humbling feeling of gratitude for your iman as a motivation to truly show how grateful you are through your actions. Don’t just say “alhumdulillah,” show it through your ibadat.

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