A Reminder to be Grateful

How many times have we been blind to our surroundings and the world’s current state? How many times have we complained about the most mundane things? How many times have we been ungrateful without even knowing it?

With every bomb dropped on towns and villages filled with innocent people, we seem to be thinking more and more about ourselves. We see people posting on social media about how WW3 is coming soon with comments like “What if I get drafted :(((” and “Omg we’re all gonna die.” How ignorant are we? We are sitting in the comfort of our own homes with a roof over our heads and these are the things we are worrying about and talking about on social media?

Palestinian children are watching their mothers and fathers being killed and Syrian children are suffocating to death but that is not what people seem to be talking about in social media. Instead, it’s fear of somehow being involved in a war that many of us have most likely not even been effected by. We should be making duah for our brothers and sisters around the world who are suffering and dying and losing their families and friends because of the real wars going on today instead of asking hypothetical and ignorant questions online. We should be trying to raise awareness for the very real issues that the people of this world are going through. Yet, instead of trying to empathize and pray for people who are actually facing real war, people are making memes about it. They’re making jokes about war and talking about what will happen to them if the developed countries they live in go to war. There are people who are losing their lives in these wars, who are actually facing the real effects of it and we have privileged people being completely ignorant to that fact.

We need to be more grateful. We have so much more than we think we do. Thank Allah SWT for everything that he has given you and your family. Pray for protection for our brothers and sisters all over the world who are losing the battle against their own government. Pray for peace in the countries that have lost everything and everyone. Pray for sabr for the people who lose their homes and families and friends everyday because of the real wars going on today. Pray for ignorance to disappear. Pray for a strong Ummah that rises against the difficulties and struggles to protect its brothers and sisters. Be grateful.

May Allah SWT grant peace and sabr to all those losing their families and friends in war. May He give his protection to those who stand in the face of war everyday. May He give our Ummah the strength it needs to rise against ignorance and protect its brothers and sisters. Ameen.

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