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8 ways to make the most of your Ramadan when you’re unable to fast

Most women will get their period during the month of Ramadan. This means one week of missing out on fasting and salah which can be disappointing, but there are other things we can do to make the most of that time of the month. 
First, it is important to recognize that getting your period during Ramadan is the Qadr of Allah (SWT). It is only by the will of Allah (SWT) that you are now unable to fast or pray. With this understanding, we must appreciate that when we show or express displeasure or disappointment at this, we are in fact, unhappy with the will of Allah (SWT).
We can be sad about missing out on the nightly prayers and fasting, but we cannot be upset or disappointed. And we certainly cannot allow that to lead us to miss out on the abundant and endless other acts of worship we can partake in.
Recognize that by NOT fasting, and by NOT praying while on your period, you are obeying a command from Allah (SWT). We do so many things in this dunya that are either worshipping Allah (SWT) or not. Make the correct intention for each action to benefit the most inshallah!
So what can I do if I can’t pray or fast?
This is the perfect time to increase in other aspects of worship.
1. Learn translations of surahs your recite in salah
Take the time out of your day to look into the translations of the Quran and fully understand what it is that you are reciting. This can make salah even more meaningful and filled with khushu (concentration, focus) when you are able to pray again because you will know exactly what you are saying to Allah (SWT)
2. Make sincere dua
Think about the last time you made sincere du’ah for yourself or your loved ones. Tell Allah (SWT) about your day and your trials and tribulations. What do you need for others and yourself? This is a conversation directly between you and Allah SWT, make the most of it, and remember that He is listening!
3. Increase dhikr (remembrance of Allah)
This is something that can be done at anyplace and anytime and constantly. It is so simple, yet very rewarding! Don’t miss out on such a great opportunity for good deeds and blessings
4. Give charity
Increase in your charity as it can spread kindness to others and can do more than you might ever know! Donate a Quran or prayer mat to the masjid, donate to a local charity or help those who you may know of in need.
5. Make meals for those who are fasting
Attain the reward of feeding a fasting person by cooking for your family/friends!
6. Increase in repentance
Remember that Allah SWT is the most merciful and even though we may feel like there is too much to ask forgiveness for, it is never too much. Take this time to sincerely repent more consistently.
7. Gain new Islamic knowledge
Listen to a new Islamic podcast (Life Haqq!), find a new book to read about Islam, or look out for local halaqat to increase yourself in beneficial knowledge.
8. Listen to the Quran
Instead of listening to the radio, listen to the Quran! There is a lot of benefit from listening to the Quran, not just from reading it. Take the time to find a qira’a (recitation) that speaks to your heart and that perhaps you can begin to memorize with.
There are many more ways we can maximize our time and benefit from Ramadan, even though we may not be fasting, whether it be because of menstruation, a health condition, travelling, etc. Don’t let not being able to fast be a reason for missing out on the immense blessings of this wonderful month!
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